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Electric Motorcycles: The Future of Last Mile Logistics

In the ever-evolving landscape of last mile logistics, the need for innovation and sustainability has never been more apparent. Founded in 2022, Xoom Volt has emerged as a pioneering force, presenting the next generation of electric motorcycles that are set to transform the industry. Our commitment to the latest safety standards, extended range, exceptional driving experiences, and cutting-edge technology positions us as the leaders in the realm of electric motorcycles.

At Xoom Volt, we understand that transitioning to electric vehicles (EV) is not just a choice but an imperative for a sustainable future. As we step into an era where eco-conscious decisions matter more than ever, we are here to support you on this journey…


Strong Power and Performance

Long Distance, Removable Batteries

160KM Range*

On-board high speed charger for charging on the go!

Supports fast charging, with large overload tolerance.

60V 45Ah batteries provide high energy density, high working voltage & range.

Batteries and charger are removable. They can be used to charge anywhere by inserting into a regular independent 3 pin socket.

3 year warranty or 1500 charge cycles.

Charging light indicator for visual confirmation of the charge status and levels.

Air Circuit breaker to prevent short circuits. Keeping batteries and EV safe.

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Our Values



We commit to environmnetal, social and economic sustainability in every action we take.


We apply intellectual curiosity to reimagine sustainable business outcomes for our clients.


We value transparent relationships with our employees and clients.


We keep safety at the forefront with a goal of zero accidents


We are agile in our decision-making, planning, and delivery.

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Electrifying your fleet isn’t just a green choice; it’s a strategic leap into a quieter, cost-efficient future. Lower maintenance and a smarter logistics approach await. Make the switch today for a sustainable and efficient tomorrow. Join the electric revolution and drive change.

24,000 Ton CO2 Reduction

24,000 tons of CO2 have been cut down by our customers since last year.

42% Lesser Lithium/KM

As a company, we have achieved a 42% reduction in lithium consumption per kilometer.

1.5 Million KM

Our electric fleet has logged a total of 1.5 million kilometers to date.

52% Customers drove more than 20,000KM

52% of our customer have driven more than 20,000 Km underscorers the viability and confidence in our vehicle

Mission Vision & Impact

Xoom Volt Motors LLC envisions a future where electric motorcycles, driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability, redefine last-mile B2B delivery. Our vision extends beyond creating exceptional electric motorcycles we aim to revolutionize the industry by establishing a widespread network of battery-swapping stations. By seamlessly integrating this innovative approach, we aspire to make electrified logistics the cornerstone of efficiency and eco-consciousness. At the heart of our vision is the commitment to battery-swapping technology. We recognize the pivotal role it plays in streamlining operations and ensuring uninterrupted delivery services.

We envision a landscape where businesses not only adopt electric motorcycles for their reliability and performance but also become part of a dynamic network facilitating rapid battery swaps. Our vision is to build a robust infrastructure that transforms the traditional limitations of electric vehicle charging into a streamlined, on-the-go experience. This network will empower businesses with the freedom to focus on their deliveries, assured that a fully charged battery is always within reach.

At Xoom Volt Motors, our commitment to battery swapping is more than a feature—it’s a cornerstone of our vision to propel the B2B delivery industry into a future where sustainability and operational excellence coalesce. Join us on this electrifying journey as we pave the way for a networked, efficient, and environmentally conscious tomorrow in the world of electric delivery motorcycles.

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