100% electric Delivery scooter


Strong Power and Performance

Long Distance, Removable Batteries

160KM Range*

On-board high speed charger for charging on the go!

Supports fast charging, with large overload tolerance.

60V 45Ah batteries provide high energy density, high working voltage & range.

Batteries and charger are removable. They can be used to charge anywhere by inserting into a regular independent 3 pin socket.

3 year warranty or 1500 charge cycles.

Charging light indicator for visual confirmation of the charge status and levels.

Air Circuit breaker to prevent short circuits. Keeping batteries and EV safe.

Change Tyers in 5 Seconds

Patented Single & Swing-Arm Motor

Powered by a massive 4000W maintenance free motor. The motor has been modified with a view of long-term use. Improved workability has resulted in ease of attaching and detaching motor simply by exchanging the motor unit.


Unlike Motorbikes, the VS1 comes with a solid storage space for storing drivers personal belongings. Please refrain from putting items easily affected by heat.


You can charge your smartphone.

Use the USB charging port with the main power turn on. Please refrain from operating/calling smartphones, mobile phones, etc. while driving.

Energy Saving light system

The modern design of the headlights and tale lights creates a unique presence as compared to the traditional shape of lights. Since the lights are LED hence they consume less power and result in the least amount of drain on the battery resulting in longer battery life & longer Range.

2 calipers for front

Front disc φ240mm

2 calipers for rear

Rear disc φ180mm

One-push reverse button easily reversing EV with no sweat

Reverse Assist Function. This adopts a reverse button that assists while reversing the vehicle. It operates by pushing the button once and turning the throttle. Push the button again to revert back to normal moving direction

Adjustable rear suspension

Adjustable according to different road conditions. For having better stability and comfort during driving.

One trip - deliver double loading of normal delivery

max. load weight 150kg exclude rider.

Lower floor design (distance from carrier to ground 810mm) makes it easy to load and unload luggage.

Easy and quick repair of parts

Key electronic parts are all under the front cover. In case of any error, there is easy access resulting in lesser maintenance time.

BMOS V3.3 Central Control System

An intelligent & practical system to connect you, your scooter and cloud. BMOS V3.3 is a perfect combination with Super Soco App.

Vehicle Inspection


Anti-theft system





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